2 comments on “Money, Shopping & Dressing Up

  1. Thank You for the mention Princess. i am blushing and shaking inside. i so adore You. i am sorry to be away so much for work. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder – i am not sure about the heart – but i do know it makes my lil cock grow harder and balls get bluer. Can’t wait to be home more regularly so i can properly worship You.

  2. You are truly the most beautiful, prettiest and sexiest Princess i have ever laid my filthy, undeserving eyes upon! I am just dirt under your feet! A cheap doormat for you to wipe your pretty feet on!

    All my life, i´ve secretly dreamt about a really pretty, sexy and bitchy blonde like you…:) I wish i could spend an entire day being your personal servant and cater to your every wish…Or EVERY day for that matter, and be your slave 24/7! Doing handiwork for you, running your errands, being your personal chauffeur, giving you all the little money i have to shop for and just walking behind you to carry your bags and open your doors and doing my absolute best to treat you like the Princess that you are…And if there is a puddle of mud in your way – i´d just drop and lay flat on my back over it in an instant, so you wouldn´t have to get your precious little feet dirty and could walk all over my worthless body instead with your expensive high heels to get to dry land again! A true Princess like Yourself should never EVER have to get your feet wet when there are lowlifes like me to walk on, just like the dirt i am! Or what do You think? 🙂

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